Dirty Dealing Update [12/29/18]

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    Hello everyone! Welcome to the second update for Exorath, and last update of 2018. In this post, I will be breaking down every feature that has been implemented with our brand new Dirty Dealing update, along with minor changes that have been made on the server.

    There is now a casino within the prison! You can access the casino by typing /warp casino. At the casino, you can interact with the Gambler (pictured below) and choose ways you can gamble your money. Alternatively, you can type /cf to access coin flip games, /rps to access RPS games, and /jp to access the jackpot.


    The Dealer has been finally stocked up! You can trade for many cool items such as keys, crystals, money pouches, and bombs. You must obtain Gold Coins for trading with the Dealer. You can find these while mining, or trading your tokens with the Banker.


    You can trade in your tokens for Gold Coins by using the new Banker NPC! The Banker is located at /spawn A and will give you 1 Gold Coin for 50 tokens, 2 Gold Coins for 125 tokens, and 5 Gold Coins for 200 tokens.


    - Added the casino, along with coin flip, RPS, and jackpot games.
    - Stocked the Dealer up with new items.
    - Added the Banker NPC at /spawn A.
    - Added the /ignore command.
    - Added the /ranks command.
    - Changed the task of the Felix, Guo, and Sam quest.
    - Removed all Christmas decorations.
    - Added in Santa Claus' week 2 and 3 items.
    - Buffed prices in the Merchant and Miner shops.

    We hope you enjoy the new update! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the update, leave a comment below. Have fun and hope to see you online!​

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