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    Hey everyone, welcome back to Exorath! We're extremely happy to announce that we will be opening the server back up after 5 months of being closed down. The wonderful staff and I have created a brand new prison game mode that has never been seen before. We've merged two popular types of prison, OP and hardcore, and created something that we're extremely proud of. As of now, the server is still being crafted by our team and custom developed by a talented developer. Our plan is to release the server sometime in November, however, nothing is set in stone currently. We will keep you updated as time goes on.

    In the meantime, we encourage you to create a forums account and join our Discord server to interact with an amazing community. One thing we can tell you is that we have great interest in hiring some new and familiar faces for our staff team! If you are interested, you can apply for staff on the forums by clicking here. Please be sure to read the guidelines thread (click here) to understand our requirements and look over some frequently asked questions.

    We hope to see some familiar faces, along with some new ones in the community in the coming weeks! Feel free to leave a comment on this thread or contact a staff member if you have any questions regarding the server. We can't wait to show you what we have in store.

    Forums: https://exorath.net
    Store: https://buy.exorath.net
    Discord: https://exorath.net/discord
    Rules & Information: https://exorath.net/rules
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