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    NOTE: Guide is under construction!

    Refer to this official player guide while on your journey.

    Here is where you can view any feature on the server, along with its capabilities. If there is anything we have not covered in the player guide, you can make a suggestion by clicking here. If you need further assistance, please contact one of our staff members. We hope you enjoy Exorath!

    Obtainable currencies in the prison include:

    Money is the main currency in the prison. It can be used to rank up, buy items from the Merchant, auction house, chest shops, and trade to other inmates. Money can be earned from selling mined items to the Miner, completing quests, and trading with other inmates.

    /balance: Check your own money balance.
    /baltop: Displays the richest inmates.
    /pay <player> <amount>: Give an inmate some money.

    Tokens can be used to buy and upgrade houses, buy shards from the Enchanter, and activate mine reset levers. Tokens can be earned by completing milestones, completing quests, and mining.

    /token: Check your own token balance.

    Experience can be used to buy Magical Dust and Repair Charms from the Blacksmith. Experience can be earned from mining, killing mobs and inmates, and smelting.

    /exp: Check your own experience count.

    Gold Coins can be traded to the Dealer for items, perks, and much more. Gold Coins are obtainable from breaking lucky blocks while mining, along with the Scavenger enchantment.

    Each prison has a top miners display, Mystery Crate, mine, interactive quests and an NPC area. Down below is a complete breakdown of the general prison contents along with each prison's mine, quests, and shop.


    The top miners display showcases the top 3 miners on the server. As prison is based around mining primarily, this is a good incentive for those grinding inmates to show their worth.


    The Mystery Crate is where you can trade in your keys for a random prize. You can earn up to 3 free keys a day by voting for us by typing /vote in-game, or by clicking here.


    The NPC area is where you can interact with different NPC's to make use of different features. You can find the Merchant, Enchanter, Dealer, Blacksmith, and Auctions NPC at each prison.


    You can create personal chest shops at your house by following this example displayed at the Silver Cloud prison. This system is helpful if you are skeptical of trading with a player do do not want to get scammed.

    Mine Contents:
    Coal Ore
    Iron Ore
    Coal Block
    Oak Log
    Oak Leaves
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