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    Rules designed to keep the Discord clean.

    Here on this thread you will find our official Discord rules. You must abide by these rules at all times whilst inside the Discord server. Failure to cooperate will result in the appropriate punishment. If you have any questions regarding the rules listed below, please contact a staff member. Please note that all rules are subject to change at any given time with or without notice.

    All punishments are dealt out in accordance to the guidelines noted here. If you feel that you have been wrongfully punished, please fill out an appeal form and wait patiently for a response. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you in advance.

    Sharing another servers IP or mentioning the name of another server in any way is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to private messaging an IP/server name to another player, mentioning an IP/server name via chat or even placing a sign with the IP/server name on your plot. You are also not allowed to advertise discord servers.

    Punishment Specification:
    Only Offence: Permanent Ban

    Text Channels
    This rule applies to any and all text channels on the Discord server. Whilst talking in the text channels, conduct yourselves in a mature manner and refrain from using any racial, sexual, homophobic slurs or sharing political views. We also ask that you do not post any outside links or discuss any outside servers in the Discord server. This includes YouTube links as though thumbnails and titles look safe, may be misleading. Before posting a link in chat ask a staff member for approval of the link first.

    Punishment Specification:
    Inappropriate Chat: 24 Hour Text Channel Mute
    Discussing Taboo Subjects: 24 Hour Text Channel Mute
    Posting Unapproved Links: 24 Hour Temporary Ban

    Voice Channels
    This rule applies to any and all voice channels in the discord server. Whilst conversing with fellow players in our voice channels please refrain from using a voice changer/adjuster of any kind, and speaking with racial, sexual, homophobic slurs. Though your opinion is respected, please refrain from discussing political views, unless in a limited channel with all partied consent.

    Punishment Specification:
    Using Voice Changer/Adjuster: 24 Hour Mute - Permanent Mute
    Inappropriate Speech: 24 Hour Mute
    Discussing Taboo Subjects: 24 Hour Mute

    Bot Commands
    This rule applies to any and all public bot commands in the Discord server. Whilst you are in the Discord server, you will find we have a bot or two like most servers. You'll also notice text channels specifically created for you to type commands for said bots. Please use these channels for bot commands rather than flooding main text channels with commands.

    Punishment Specification:
    Only Offence: 1 Hour Text Channel Mute

    This rule applies to any and all text channels in the Discord server. Spam is annoying, constantly flooding text channels with messages is not tolerated as well as spamming bot messages. It can get very ugly, so please refrain from spamming the chat with messages and/or bot commands.

    Punishment Specification:
    Bot Commands: Bot Privileges Removed (24 Hours)
    Messages: Messages Deleted + 24 Hour Text Channel Mute​
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