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    Rules designed to keep the forums clean.

    Here on this thread you will find our official forum rules. You must abide by these rules at all times whilst browsing the forums. Failure to cooperate will result in the appropriate punishment. If you have any questions regarding the rules listed below, please contact a staff member. Please note that all rules are subject to change at any given time.

    Appeals and Reports
    Unless you are providing useful information to assist a staff member, please refrain from commenting on ban appeals, player reports and bug reports.

    Punishment Specification:
    1st Offence: Messages Deleted + 1 Warning Point
    Final Offence: Messages Deleted + 24 Hour Ban

    Unnecessary Posts
    Before posting on the forums about an issue you may have, perform a quick search to check if anyone else has already posted about the same issue. This could quickly resolve your issue and save time. This rule also includes posting non-related topics on threads to boost your post count, known as post farming.

    Punishment Specification:
    Unnecessary Post: Thread Deleted + 1 Warning Point
    Post Farming: Post Counter Reset + 1 Warning Point

    Staff Tagging
    Tagging is used to alert staff members to a specific thread that requires attention. If you do not think a staff member needs to see the thread, simply do not tag them. Also, if a staff member is already tagged, please do not tag them or another staff member again. Please wait patiently for a response.

    Punishment Specification:
    Unnecessary/Excessive Tagging: 24 Hour Ban
    Repeat Tagging: 24 Hour Ban

    Staff Applications
    We are always welcoming new players to join the staff team. However, there is a specific time where staff applications will be open for you to apply. Please also note that if you do apply, you are not guaranteed to be chosen. If you are unlucky, do not make another application right away. You must wait and try again during the next application cycle.

    Punishment Specification:
    Multiple Applications: Banned from Applying for 3 Sessions

    Alternative Accounts
    Creating alternative accounts on the forums is not allowed and will result in them being removed.

    Punishment Specification:
    Only Offence: Alternate Account Deleted + 24 Hour Ban

    Inappropriate Behavior
    Using an inappropriate signature and/or profile picture, posting inappropriate posts on threads, or naming your account something inappropriate. If you have an issue with a thread/message, contact a staff member.

    Punishment Specification:
    Inappropriate Signature and/or Profile Picture: Signature/Picture Removed + 24 Hour Ban
    Inappropriate Posts: Posts Deleted + 24 Hour Ban
    Inappropriate Username: Username Changed + 24 Hour Ban​
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